Borneo adventure ahead for students

George Rogers and Rosanna Savin who are going to Borneo.
George Rogers and Rosanna Savin who are going to Borneo.

Two students from Wootton Academy Trust are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime.

Rosanna Savin and George Rogers, year 12 students at Wootton Academy Trust, have been given the opportunity by their school to travel to Borneo with Camps International.

The four-week expedition in summer 2015 will involve helping the local community, protecting and conserving wildlife and immersing themselves into the Borneo culture.

George said: “Borneo is renowned for having a disadvantaged education system. The majority of students do not progress into further education and thus get into a vicious cycle of poverty.

“Whilst we are out in Borneo we hope to get involved in helping improve all aspects of the community, for instance helping improve infrastructure, providing more safe areas of education for the local children and also after school lessons.

“It’s an amazing experience and we feel blessed that we have been given the opportunity to help change people’s lives. We strongly believe that we will make a positive difference on the lives of less fortunate people but also have our lives changed in the meantime. It really is a life-changing experience.”

Camps International specialise in projects in lesser developed countries across the globe.

They have camps across Asia, Africa and South America which are running 365 days a year, so each project is sustainable and has the support to see it through to completion.

George added: “Even though we will only be out there for four weeks, we know that the differences we will make out there will last a lifetime as the projects are ongoing.

“Uniquely, the camps we will go to are permanent. This enables us to build strong relationships with communities and facilitates year round projects and thus sustainability.

“The camps we will be staying in are located in the heart of rural communities and wildlife conservation areas. Each camp acts as the hub in which we will take part in varied and award winning projects that range from construction, clean water initiatives, education and reforestation.”

The trip will cost them £3,960 and they need to fundraise the entire amount which they both see as a huge challenge and they are asking for help from companies and individuals.

They will be holding charity auctions and are asking for contributions for these, such as signed football shirts, or other merchandise.

If you can help in any way contact them at or call 0798 5433548.

If you want to know any more about Camps International and how they run, vist