Ben’s World: Whinge if you want, there’s loads going on

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Content editor Ben Raza on the local opportunities to see unusual films, go to exciting gigs, and help local charities

Live music excites me. Comedy excites me. Art excites me.

Well, they all excite me if they’re good. And I’m off to Esquires on Saturday for the Rough Cut Sessions, which will have all three.

It’s kinda like a Bedford version of TFI Friday, or (if you’re a bit older) The Tube. There’s great bands, interviews, a DJ set... Well, I could turn this whole column into a list of what’s booked.

I’m involved in the running of the event myself, which partly explains why I’m so excited. To continue the TFI Friday analogy, I want to be the new Chris Evans - only more self-indulgent.

Come along from 8pm - it’s just £3 to get in.

> The longer I live in Bedford, the more I realise is actually going on.

In just the last week I’ve discovered a beer-tasting club, plans for a secret cinema, and the Facebook event Support Movie Variety In Bedford.

My mate Paul was instrumental in the last one. He’s a big cinema buff, but like a lot of people he isn’t that impressed by the variety of films available in Bedford.

Rather than just moan about it, Paul managed to convince Cineworld in Aspects Leisure Park to put on a slightly off-kilter Euro film over the last few days.

If you didn’t see Rust And Bone, you missed a treat.

It’s not often I’d recommend a film that didn’t involve superheroes, killer robots from the future, Simon Pegg or Will Ferrell (I’m quite shallow in my cinematic tastes) but this was the exception.

See it if you can - but that won’t be in Bedford I’m afraid, as showings finished yesterday.

Hopefully Paul will keep on trying to get a wider range of cinema in Bedford.

In fact, a few of us are meeting up next week to help him plot how to do just that.

Follow me on Twitter and I’ll keep you up to date.

> And on the last vein, just as too many people moan that there’s nothing going on in town, too many people moan about charities that help people in need overseas, or foreign aid.

But if you really feel that way, instead of moaning, try helping a local charity.

We’ve featured Bedford Foodbank this week on page 15. But there’s plenty more charities too.

Think about what issues are closest to your heart and get involved in a charity.

One to think about next time you fancy having a moan.