Ben’s Jungle World: Wishing Nadine good luck - or bring on the testicles?

Times & Citizen content editor Ben Raza writes his weekly column

It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Here’s been some of the comments we’ve had so far.

Some have been positive: “Nadine speaks her mind and does as she pleases, and when I consider she lost her late father at an early age I cannot but wish her luck in anything she does or chooses to do.

“We only have one life so grasp it and do as you please.”

Some have been less so: “I want to watch her choke on a kangaroo’s testicles.”

It’s been a mixed response.

> It’s not often we devote our first five pages to one story.

Then again, how often does one story mix a national exclusive, politics, celebrity, and the chance to watch a well-known local personality potentially eating a kangaroo’s dangly bits ?

Hayley O’Keeffe spoke exclusively with Nadine before she flew out, and the Mid Beds MP has touched upon many areas that may prove prescient when the show does start. How long will Nadine last? How will she get on with her junglemates? Will she get to talk about the political issues that matter to her - and will the editing of the show highlight what she does say?

We’ve also got the reaction of local party members, and the decision by Tory HQ in London to suspend her as a Tory MP.

I am by now means an avid I’m A Celebrity fan. But you can nonetheless expect this one to run and run. We’ve got a few more features on this story to follow in the coming weeks, so keep on picking up the T&C!

> Also in politics, we’re a week away from the Police And Crime Commissioner election.

So far I have avoided speaking to the candidate who is a member of the English Defence League - hooray! Our sister paper in Luton have been dealing with him.

On the flipside, I also heard, for the first time, from the Independent candidate Mezanur Rashid this week.

Unfortunately he sent through his information on deadline day, which is a shade late for publication (particularly when we’re busy with the new developments that keep on cropping up with Ms Dorries).

There’s definitely an argument to make that says Mr Rashid doesn’t have the resources of someone who is part of a big political party, and that he must have been a busy bunny hitting the streets and meeting real people.

On the other hand, each week the T&C goes out to around 80,000 homes. And any copy we wrote could get shared to sister papers in Luton, Dunstable, Biggleswade and Leighton Buzzard, which would save a lot of shoe leather.

So sorry to anyone who thinks we didn’t cover Mr Rashid as much as we might have. But at election time it’s also up to the candidates to shout about themselves too - after all, it’s their money they could lose as their deposit.