Author publishes her new ‘racy’ novel

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A woman has penned a ‘racy’ novel that has already received rave reviews.

Angie Voluti, who works as a PR consultant and writes in her spare time, has had her second book published.

Angie, of Pembroke Street, Bedford has written the book Mr Lost, which tells the story of what happens when fantasy meets reality.

The book is the culmination of two years hard work and follows the life of an unhappy wife and mother, who from outside looks like she has it all.

But she is not happy, and she takes to a blog under two pseudonyms, and it is through this that she meets another unhappy anonymous blogger called Mr Lost.

Angie said: “It is very different from my first book, it is quite racy, but it is very different from 50 Shades Of Grey,. It is not all just about sex, it’s more about our fantasies and what happens when they mix with reality. It is also about adultery.

“It is written in a way that you don’t really know what’s real and what’s not. Is a book where you can draw your own conclusions from it.”

Mr Lost has been out for around a week. It is currently available to download on Kindle, and is set to be out in paperback shortly.