Art-mad dad finds ‘Manet’ painting

Rad Novakovic believes that he bought a painting by Manet for �110
Rad Novakovic believes that he bought a painting by Manet for �110

Cranfield University is working to authenticate a painting, believed to be the work of renowned artist Manet, that could be worth £100million.

An art-mad dad who believes that he bought a masterpiece by Manet for £110 is one step closer to having the painting authenticated.

After being convinced that the bargain painting was created by Edouard Manet in the last months of his life, Rad Novakovic enlisted the help of Cranfield University boffins to authenticate the work.

And initial tests have already proved that the self portrait is the right age to have been painted by the artist as he was dying from syphilis in 1883.

If the work is authenticated it would secure Manet’s title as the father of modern art, and be worth up to £100million.

Mr Novakovic said: “I’m really pleased to be working with Cranfield, because if it is what I think it is they will prove it.

“They took an initial testing and were really pleased with the signals and I will visit them again in three weeks.

“There has always been this debate about who the father of modern art is. If this work is authenticated it would settle the argument.”

Mr Novakovic bought the painting in a lot of two at London’s Southgate Auction Rooms five years ago. After years of research he believes that the pigments used in the paint can be matched to the great artist’s other works.