Appeal for help over badly injured cat wandering a Bedford street

Injured cat found in Winchester Road, Bedford.
Injured cat found in Winchester Road, Bedford.

A Bedford resident is appealing for help in tracing the owners of a badly injured cat that is visiting her home.

Lisa Lehrle is concerned for the light coloured cat that has a serious injury to its face, and has been wandering around the Winchester Road area of town.

She told the T&C: “I’ve tried the RSPCA and Cats Protection to try to help the badly injured cat. He visits my house and garden but won’t let me approach him to catch him and get him to a vet.

“He has a huge cut in his face that is infected and looks and smells dreadful.”

The RSPCA has left a cat trap.

Lisa added: “The cat has a distinctive collar and maybe if his owner could be found they might be able to help.”