Accused teenager will not take stand

Sharif Demirsay.
Sharif Demirsay.

A teenager accused of being involved in the murder of a grandfather in his own home during a robbery for Asian gold is not going to give evidence.

Ian Bourne QC, the barrister for the 16 year old, told the jury at Luton Crown Court that his client would not go into the witness box.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused along with three other teenagers of the murder of Sharif Demirsay at his home in Kempston.

65-year-old Mr Demirsay was stabbed to death when he opened his front door to three teenagers.

As he lay on the floor in the hallway, it is alleged his attackers, with their hoods up to obscure their faces, repeatedly stabbed him and inflicted a fatal wound to his heart.

Prosecutor Jane Bickerstaff QC said “His partner describes how all three were shouting ‘kill him’ and jumping up and down like animals. It was as if they were encouraging each other to kill him.”

The court was told that when the 69-year-old woman tried to defend Sharif by hitting one of the youths with a vacuum cleaner pipe, he stabbed her in the arm.

Travis Dixon-Charles, 18, Courtney Glynn, 19, a 17 year old, who cannot be identified, and the 16 year old youth, who also cannot be identified, all plead not guilty to the murder of Mr Demirsay on the evening of May 14 last year.

Mr Glynn and the 17-year-old also plead not guilty to aggravated burglary. All four teenagers deny unlawfully wounding Mr Demirsay’s partner.