Abducted aged just 7, Yemi tells of his survival and reunion with his mother

Yemi Elegunde.
Yemi Elegunde.

A man who was abducted and taken to Nigeria as a young child has told of his story in a new book.

Yemi Elegunde, who lives in Shortstown, was snatched by his father - who also took his younger sister - from their London home and fled abroad.

Yemi spent 14 years in Lagos, his mother never knowing where her children had gone.

The children grew up in Nigeria where the only communication they had with their mother was by letters.

Yemi’s book, Time Will Tell, he recalls the events through the eyes of that 7-year-old child, from the moment he realise he was in a different country.

He relates the stark change of culture, the new family and the voyage of self-discovery.

The book covers his roller coaster young life of apprenhension, happiness, rebellion and loves.

It follows his anger as hew grew from boy to teenager and his eventual reconciliatin with himself and his parents.

Yemi said: “The events of discovering my new life at the time and whole new world and learning to adapt to it, plus the long term scars, inspired me to write Time Will Tell.

“I hope that it may one day help many a child, mother or father to understand the effects of parental abduction on the child.”

Born in London in 1966, Yemi was educated in Nigeria. Now living in Shortstown, he is an IT sales manager and among his hobbies he is an experienced county FA referee. He has one daughter.

Time Will Tell is published by Troubador Publishing, priced £9.99. Call 0116 279 2299.