A floral winter wonderland is bringing colour to grey days thanks to a Kempston gardener

Dev Chakraverty, in his winter garden in Kempston. PNL-141211-094710001
Dev Chakraverty, in his winter garden in Kempston. PNL-141211-094710001

As autumn trees and shrubs shed their leaves, one garden is still blooming as its plants are in full flower.

Keen Kempston gardener Dev Chakraverty has proudly grown a winter wonderland for the past 21 years, bringing a riot of colour to his urban back garden.

Mr Chakraverty, 63, said he starts working on the garden after the spring flowers die back.

He said: “I spend at least three hours a day on it, starting in early summer.

“I only plant winter chrysanthemums. I use 18 varieties of dwarf and standard plants, which are different colours and various heights.”

The flowers bloom from mid-September to late October but, says Mr Chakraverty, if the weather is mild they could last longer.

“Frost is very detrimental to this particular flower,” he added.

A love of gardening was planted early with Mr Chakraverty, as he used to help his father with the garden at his childhood home in Bangladesh.

The retired language teacher said adapting his skills to the British climate was a case of trial and error, and his secret ingredient - nutrient-rich compost.

He said: “We don’t throw away any kitchen waste. Every scrap goes into the compost heap, except bones and meat.

“I will leave the chrysanthemums in the garden until January, then they will go on the compost heap ready for planting up the summer garden.”

In the meantime, friends and neighbours have visited Mr Chakraverty to admire the fruits of his hobby, while he is planning next year’s displays.