600 new homes planned near Cardington Sheds

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Plans to build nearly 600 homes near Cardington Airfield will “kill off an entire industry” it has been claimed.

Bedford Borough Council has been recommended to approve a development of 167 dwellings, main road into the development, open space and car parking on the Southern Eastern Land Parcel to the back of Cardington Sheds in Shortstown, at a meeting on Monday, January 27.

And they are also due to approve a second associated application, but with a list of conditions attached, on the Eastern Land Parcel for full planning permission for 306 dwellings, outine permission for a further 119 and associated infrastructure.

The two applications have been submitted by Fosbern Manufacturing Ltd, who have said the size of both the developments is the minimum needed to fund the restoration of Shed 1.

The first application is regarding an area that forms part of the former RAF Cardington airfield, which would take access from the A600 via a spine road running parallel to the north elevation of Shed 1.

But the application has been met with opposition from various local and national bodies. Eight letters from neighbours objecting to the first plan have also been received.

One said: “The proposed development will kill off an industry. Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) and others need these buildings and airfield left intact to develop and fly airships.

The owner of Shed 2, which has been featured in various films, has also objected saying that the letting of the shed to Warner Brothers ended in March and it is hoped it now can be used for something in connection with airships.

A 289-strong signed petition has also been submitted.