SLIDESHOW: Grandparents and grandchildren gardening

A Grandparents and Grandchildren’s gardening afternoon was held at Springfield Lower School, Kempston.

Nearly 200 pupils, teachers, assistants and grandparents attended the event on Tuesday, May 13 made possible by a generous donation from the school’s PTA. Teacher Melody Treble said:”It was a fabulous day. We were blessed with the weather. The positive feedback from the grandparents was great. One said to me it was not only nice to spend some time with their grandson but also to get to meet their friends too and learn more about them all in an informal setting.

Grandparents gardening afternoon at Springfield Lower School, Kempston.

Grandparents gardening afternoon at Springfield Lower School, Kempston.

“For children to spend time talking with their grandparents was such an important thing to happen in terms of learning from them. It was a really good community and family event.

“The children have been studying the Amazon, Brazil and football in class and we tried to incorporate these subjects with them helping out in the garden.

“Frost helped us and Direct Garden Supplies gave us a good discount and lots of much needed compost so a big thank you to them!”

Any grandparents or parents wishing to help maintain the garden over the summer are encouraged to call 01234 306000.