Mum trims down from size 26 wedding dress to form new slimming club in Bedford

Bedford slimmer Keri Smith. PNL-140407-114612001
Bedford slimmer Keri Smith. PNL-140407-114612001

Mum Keri Smith from Bedford has lost 4 stone in 2 and a half years with a slimming club to find her perfect fit and open a new group.

Keri struggled with back pain due to her weight and was very unfit making even reaching the top of the stairs at home a struggle.

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140407-114505001

She said: “I had no confidence in myself and I felt so ashamed of how I looked on my wedding day that I hated having my photo taken. I felt uncomfortable in my size 26 wedding dress on a hot day. It was not how I wanted to look on my special day.”

Keri opens her new group at Castle Lower School, Goldington Road, Bedford on Wednesday, July 9 at 7.30pm.

Struggling with her weight since childhood Keri plucked up the courage to join her local Slimming World club.

She said: “Making the decision to join that day was really hard as I struggled with depression and a lack of confidence. I was so worried that I would be the biggest one there and everyone would judge me that it took me a few times of walking in and walking back out before I took the step to go in.”

Keri explained how attending social events or places she’d not been to before was extremely

hard before joining. “I was amazed at how welcoming and friendly everyone was when I went in to join this slimming club. Hearing all the horror stories of how people had been made to feel joining these clubs that to experience such a warm and supportive group was a big relief and not having to walk through loads of people to speak with the consultant as she was right by the door when I arrived with the new members area all set out ready.”

Keri cannot believe how much she can eat and still lose weight without feeling ever like she’s missing out or going hungry. Enjoying her favorite foods of macaroni cheese or burger and chips alongside her two daily chocolate bars slimming has never been so easy. “I was in

shock at how much I could eat! it took me a few weeks to really believe I could eat that much and lose the weight but when I came in each week with a loss how could I not believe this plan didn’t work!”

Keri says she has heaps of confidence now, joined the Race For Life and has previously run a mile for Sports Relief. Since losing this 4 stone it has meant she has lost 4 dress sizes and has had to remove her wedding ring as it is now far to big, but what she has gained has been the key to finding the perfect fit for her for life.

She added: “ I would never of run anywhere when I was almost 18 stone, but now although I am not a keen runner I really feel I have nothing to hold me back! Slimming has changed my life forever. I can run around with my daughter now and take her happily along to parent and toddler groups. I have the confidence to talk to people and have finally pursue a career in midwifery.

Keri spent a lot of time eating big bars or chocolate, cakes or biscuits in secret. Many days ended with a large chinese, fish and chips or a take away pizza. Now she still enjoys all of these foods and slims.

She said: “No more need to comfort eat in secret because I can comfort eat and still slim with this amazing plan. I can still have pizza, chinese, fish and chips and indian every night of the week if I so desire and still continue to see great weight losses.”

Keri has now gone on to become a consultant and open her own group in Bedford.

She said: “I’ve known I wanted to do this from the start as I want to help others experience not only this amazing plan but the exceptional help, support and warmth from these groups that will help others grow and flourish with confidence every step of the way just like I have Keri became part of a social team at her group. With the ongoing support of her consultant in group and outside of group she always felt set for a great week.

“Staying for group makes a huge difference. I get all the support from my group and my amazing consultant to help me feel positive about the week ahead. Keri also went on to win couple of the year in her group.

She said: “This was a very proud moment and I have the certificate pinned on my wall so as to remind me everyday how far I’ve come.

“This amazing and exciting plan changed my whole life and gave me the chance to be a fit and energetic mum to my little girl. The plan is so easy to follow and all the meals are suitable for all the family so never a need to cook separate meals.”

For any further information please contact Keri on 07598858391 or pop along and find out more.