Bike building boys captured

MBTC-17-10-12- times Past WK 42
MBTC-17-10-12- times Past WK 42

Setting up a ‘cycle speedway team’ from their homes in Mark Rutherford Road was all in a day’s work for this gang from the past.

Alan Burridge sent in these snaps of himself and his friends from the early 1950s.

This picture captures Barry Palmer, Eddie Sox, Alan Burridge, Jim Lovell, Colin Massey, Peter Burridge, Brian King, Toby the dog and other pals on a camping trip to Cardington Road, close to the old signal box on the single line to Cambridge.

Alan said: “We had so many happy days and now, at 76, I still laugh at things we got up to and we were no trouble to anyone. I know it seems funny now but after years of war things were scarce and we made our own fun and had some great times.”

After the camping trip the friends went on form a cycle speedway team by building their own bikes from old parts and creating an oval racing circuit with help from Mr Hull, a local haulier.